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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TIPS- Shopping on Amazon

Since I LOVE to shop on Amazon I thought I would do a post today and share some tips on how I shop on Amazon and are able to save money by doing so.  I have talked to a few people lately that didn't know that buying toilet paper, paper towels and other good items including Christmas Gifts can be cheaper Amazon.  I love doing my shopping on Amazon because #1 they offer a lot of great programs that provide free shipping right to your door and #2 their prices can change at anytime providing great steals on items to stock up on.  Around the holidays I start usually buying little CHEAP stocking stuffers, teachers gifts and hey if I can get something for myself for super cheap why not?!? :)

PROGRAMS offered to provide FREE shipping:
You can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial here Amazon Prime (which is perfect to try out through the holidays!)  You can cancel for free prior to your 30 days being up and if you decide to keep it then its only $79 a year after that.  Remember you can add additional addresses under one account and credit cards as well.  Amazon Prime also offers FREE Amazon Instant Video Streaming and  Kindle Owners Library! Also when you have Amazon Prime a lot of items will qualify you for free two-day shipping which is great when you need a quick gift or some household items and you don't have to even leave the house! So why not sign up for your FREE Amazon Prime trial today?!?


If you are a college student than this will work out great for you!  You can get  Amazon Student membership for 6 mos. for FREE! Then after the 6 months is up it is only $39.00 a year.  All you need to do to qualify is have a valid .edu email address, list your college, year and major.  Amazon Student provides two-day shipping, and all the things Amazon Prime provides as well. So sign up today!


Calling all moms! I LOVE Amazon Mom. I have used it many times. With  Amazon Mom you get 20% off diapers and wipes and other family essentials.  You also get FREE two-day shipping.  You can sign up today for a FREE 3 month trial and after your 3 months is up it will be the $79 a year just like the Amazon Prime.  If you already have and Amazon Prime account you can sign up and they will just add it to your Amazon Prime account. 

Amazon Super Saver Shipping
Amazon also offers FREE Super Saver Shipping if your items qualify on orders $35 or more!

There you have it all the ways to qualify for FREE shipping through the holiday season.  Here are a few other awesome perks to Amazon:

Subscribe and Save Items
Certain Amazon items are eligible for Subscribe and Save.  First select an eligible item (Choose from laundry supplies, coffee pods, baby care products, and more).  Second choose the quantity and delivery schedule (pick the number of units you want to receive and the frequency of your delivery).  Third click "subscribe now" and thats it your subscription will be activated.

 Subscription Benefits
  • Save up to 15% on your entire order when you receive 5 or more subscriptions on your monthly delivery day (my mom & I go in together on her account & we can each pay for our items separately however they will need to be shipped to 1 address but that way we get the 15% off)
  • Receive free shipping on every Subscribe & Save shipment.
  • Cancel at any time - there are no commitments, obligations, or fees
  • No upfront charges - pay only when the item is shipped
Usually I will lock in a killer deal with a coupon on Amazon and use the Subscribe and Save option so I will "subscribe to it" and then put it to be delivered like 3 months down the road and then once the item is delivered I will go into manage my subscribe and save items under "my account" on the homepage of Amazon and make any further changes on if I want to cancel it or have it delivered again soon. We always have TONS of subscribe and save items under our account so we just double check them each month and make sure we actually need them delivered and that it is the correct price (because if you "clip" and Amazon coupon it will only be applied to your order once so that could effect the price for the next month)  if not we will either delete it if the price has changed due to not having another coupon or move it ahead a few months if we don't need it yet.

You can find out more info regarding the Subscribe and Save options by clicking below:
Learn more about Subscribe and Save here

Yes, Amazon has coupons that you can clip! :)

 If there is a coupon for a certain item you will usually see it under the price like shown above. You just have to "clip" it and it will be applied at check out.  You can also see all the coupons that are available here:

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon also has an Amazon Warehouse where you can find great deals on groceries up to 50% off.  Usually these items are approaching their sell-by dates but usually when I have gotten them they still have a month or two to go.

I hope you found this post helpful and you are ready to shop from the comfort of your home! 

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