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Here are some of the Rewards programs that I use online to earn free things!

If you follow me on Facebook me then you probably see me posting a lot of links to Swag Bucks!
I LOVE Swag Bucks and have been using it since June 2011 and have earned almost $200 in FREE Amazon gift cards.  They have many different things to choose from however I choose Amazon because there are a lot of great deals that you can snag on Amazon plus free shipping with Amazon Moms or Amazon Prime (you would need to sign up for Amazon Moms/Prime) and tax free!
Swag Bucks is basically a search engine and as you search the web daily or do other things that they offer like surveys, a daily poll, shopping in their store etc. you can earn Swag Bucks.
Once you earn a certain amount of Swag Bucks you can cash in for all different kinds of things.

Here are some tips:
1. I usually just search the web and am able to collect a good amount of swag bucks. I search everything in their tool bar even if I know the website just to get more swags.
2.If you get people to sign up under you, you can collect up to 1000 of their points as well from them searching the web.
3. There are Swag Codes that are given out by Swag Bucks almost everyday. If you follow them
on Facebook and Twitter you will be able to collect them as well.
Click here to sign up.

Yes we are soda drinkers over here, I save every can & water bottle and recycle away, its like free money!
I also enter in all my points for Coke products so earn free gifts. 
Sometimes they will even offer free coke products for so many points.
Click here to sign up.

I also have 2 kids in diapers so I collect all the Pampers & Huggies codes for free gifts as well.
Click here to sign up.

Click here to sign up.

I just recently started using Recyclebank and love it.
Basically you earn points for taking everyday green actions and then redeem them for great rewards.
(I usually get the coupons that they offer that you can get with your points)
Click here to sign up.

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