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Saturday, May 5, 2012

*HOT* Rolling Catalina on Dr. Pepper @ Albertsons!

Until Tuesday the 2 liter Dr. Pepper is on sale at Albertsons for 2/$3 however when I purchased them they were ringing up for $1.25 and if you buy 4 you will receive a $5 Catalina back.

Here's what I did:

Transaction #1
Buy (4) 2 Liter Dr. Peppers
I paid out of pocket $5.43 (this included tax and CRV)
and I got back $5.00

and since it is a ROLLING CATALINA it means you can turn around and do another transaction off the $5 you just got back and it will print another $5 out after you purchase 4 more.

so transaction #2
Buy 4 more Dr. Peppers =  $5.43
Use the $5 Catalina that just printed out at the register and pay only $0.43 out of pocket!
And get back another $5 Catalina

And keep going if you wish! :)

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