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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week Starts Today!

Amazon Deals Week starts today! 

Black Friday deals are here! You shouldn't have to stand in a long line to get a great deal. We've been searching for the best Black Friday deals everywhere--including Black Friday deals other stores are planning--so we can bring them to you even earlier. These limited-supply deals will go quickly, but we'll add new ones as frequently as every 10 minutes, every day, during Black Friday Deals Week so you can skip the long lines and still save a bundle.

Make sure you look at the Amazon Deals Page
as they will be having Lightning Deals every 10 min!

 What are Lightning Deals?

Lightning Deals are discount promotions that are limited in both time and quantity. To claim a deal:
  • Act fast. First, make sure you are logged into your Amazon account. After you add the deal to your Cart, you will have 15 minutes to make the purchase. You will be notified by an alert that will display in the upper right-hand corner of the page when you have 10 minutes remaining to make your purchase. You must check out within this time frame to receive your promotional discount. If you have not purchased the deal before the time runs out, the discount will no longer apply to the product in your Cart and will be available to other customers who are interested in the deal.
  • Are you seeing “Join Waitlist” instead of “Add to Cart”? This option will display when all of the available discounts for the deal are in other customers’ Carts, but their purchases have not been completed. If purchases that are in customers’ Carts are not completed within 15 minutes, the promotional discount will be made available to the next customer on the waitlist.
  • How do you know a deal is going fast? You can check the status bar to see if the deal is close to selling out. This status bar may fluctuate depending on the number of discounts that are sitting in customers’ Carts, and customers moving forward in the waitlist line.
  • Did you miss the checkout deadline but still want the deal? After the 15 minutes run out, if the deal is still available, you may click the “Add to Cart” button again in the Lightning Deals box.
  • Complete checkout as soon as possible. You may continue to shop for additional items before you check out if you like. However, keep in mind that you only have 15 minutes to purchase the Lightning Deal once you add it to your Cart.
I will be posting as much as I can on regular deals found as well. Make sure if you see something that you like you grab it fast as the price usually changes quickly!

Make sure you are following me as well so you don't miss any deals!

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