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Friday, February 1, 2013

Who uses the ibotta app?

I have recently started using the ibotta app (get the app on the Android or iPhone) and it is going pretty good.  This app offers coupons for certain items and you can get those coupons by watching short videos, learning facts about the product and much more.  Once you purchase the item that you have the coupon for at the store you can then scan your receipt and it will be able to see you bought the item and will credit you back how ever much that coupon was for.  Once you reach $5 ibotta earnings you can transfer it over to your PayPal account, which is great!

Here are some examples of what I did:

1st example:
Last week Ralphs offered a coupon that I loaded to my Ralphs card for a FREE box of Carnation Instant Breakfast, so I loaded it.  ibotta had a coupon for Carnation Instant Breakfast up to $1.50 depending on if I completed the 3 steps (watch video, learn a fact and share) which I did so after I purchased my FREE box of Carnation Instant Breakfast I scanned my Ralphs receipt and it credited me the $1.50 so I basically just made $1.50! 

2nd example:
I could get a coupon up to $0.75 for doing 3 steps on ibotta for Childrens Advil (which I did).  I then went and purchased Childrens Advil at CVS because it is on sale this week where when you buy 2 you get $4.00 in extra bucks back well I had a coupon that I printed out from online (nla) for buy one get one free.  So I paid out of pocket at CVS $3.58 and got back $4 in extra bucks making that a $0.42 profit + the $0.75 ibotta coupon of $0.75 = $1.17 I made on buying 2 Childrens Advil!  Thats awesome!

Anyways I hope you guys will all give this ibotta app a try!

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