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Sunday, October 14, 2012

What do you use a Classico Spaghetti Sauce jar for?

As you know we like to eat pizza around (homemade pizza recipe) here, we also like to eat Spaghetti (one of my hubby's favorite meals!) Well I have found that with couponing I can usually get the Classico sauce for $1.50 or less with a coupon.  I know that Ragu can be cheaper at times, however I am picky with my sauce and I am not a fan of Ragu for some reason. Anyways I have found many useful ways to use a Classico jar around our house that makes it worth it, since it is a mason jar!

#1 The Sauce
#2 I store my yeast in the refrigerator in these jars. If you read my homemade pizza recipe one of my tips is buying the yeast in bulk at Costco is cheaper for me than buying them individual in the store. I think I remember filling up 3 jars of yeast after I bought it from Costco last year and I still have a jar and half left!
#3 We store our change/coins for our bubble gum machine (for the boys treats we let them put a coin in our bubble gum machine and out comes a piece of candy, they think its the best!)
#4 I have found that most of the Classico jars are reusable to can with when I have made jam. I just buy new lids for them, which saves me lots of money in the long run!
#5 I put some rock with a candle in some of the jars and put some wire around the top so that I can hang them out on my patio and light them when we have company!

What are some ways that you would use a Classico sauce jar for? 


  1. Sweet post. I am your newest follower (returning your follow). I look forward to more visits.

  2. You can do ANYTHING with a jar. Us southerners love us some mason jars:) We're country like that! We use them as glasses, haha! Following back from Naptime Review.

  3. We use ours as glasses too! We also use them in place of water bottles, just throw a lid on them and you're good to go!