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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ralphs Trip- 31 Items for $4.29!

Ralph's has some great sales going on through 10/23! Here is one of them,
the Buy 5 Now & Save $5 on a Future Shopping trip!

Here is what I got this morning for $4.29! I forgot to use 1 $0.50 off coupon and I probably could have done something else a little different however I was in a hurry before I had to pick up my son from Preschool & I had my other little one having a fit in the shopping cart! I try to be as prepared as possible before I check out! But I still think $4.29 for all of this is good because I would have spent that in just buying refried beans!  I am more of a person who likes to make things from scratch and we have never bought the instant potatoes before however like I said it was FREE and you could either give it to someone who needs it or stash it away in your 72-hour kits!

I got 5 Totinos pizzas, 3 Hamburger Helpers, 8 Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese, 6 Better Crocker Instant Potatoes, 5 cans of Refried Beans, 1 bag of Bugles, 1 bag of Chex Mix, 1 box of hard and soft taco shells and 1 pack of gum as a filler!

I did 3 transactions that went like this:

Transaction #1
Bought (4) Betty Crocker Potatoes $1 each
Bought (5) Betty Crocker Mac & Cheese $1 each
Bought (1) Chex Mix $2 each
and used NO coupons but I should have used (1) $0.50/2 Better Crocker Potatoes from SS 9/9
Paid $11.00 and got back (2) $5.00 Catalina's

Transaction #2
Bought (5) Old El Paso Beans $1.25 each
Bought (1) Old El Paso Taco Shells and Tortiallas $1.25 each
Bought (3) Hamburger Helpers $1.50 each
Bought (1) Bugles $2.00 each
Used (2) $0.60/3 El Paso Product from SS 9/9
Used (1) $0.75/3 Hamburger Helpers from SS 9/9 ( I think that's where I cut it from)
Used both Catalinas from Transaction #1
Total out of pocket = $2.05 and got back (2) more $5.00 Catalina's

Transaction #3
Bought (5) Totino's Pizzas $1.25 each
Bought (3) Better Crocker Mac & Cheese $1 each
Bought (2) Betty Crocker Potatoes $1 each
Bought (1) Pack of Extra Gum (this was a filler item b/c in order for me to use my Catalinas my total had to reach $10 & I was short a few cents)
Used (1) $0.50/2 Better Crocker Potatoes from SS 9/9
Used (1) $1/5 Totino's Pizzas clipped from Coupon Center
Used both Catalinas from Transaction #2
Total out $1.24 & got back (2) more $5.00 Catalina's

So Total out of pocket was $14.29 however I ended up with (2) $5.00 Catalina's in the end so like paying $4.29 for everything above & I saved $45.90!! Let me know what you guys end up getting!!

Thanks Southern Cali Saver for some of the tips on transactions!

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