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Friday, October 12, 2012

Entry Table Makeover

This was my first piece of furniture that I have re-done but I think it turned out pretty well! I got this table from my really good friend and she had painted it bright green. Although I loved the color it just clashed with the green in my front room. That paint was so thick on there and was already starting to peel so the only option I had was to get it all off before I repainted it.  I know that there has to be an easier way or product to use but since this was my first time doing this and learning on my own I used some paint remover from Home Depot however it still took me 2 weeks to get all of the paint off! 
But in the end I was really happy how it turned out.

Finally got all the paint off!
The finished product! I also took my old baby crib spring from when I was a baby to use to hang pictures on!

1 comment:

  1. That turned out amazing, Jenn! And I love the idea of using an old crib spring to hang pictures. How clever!