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Monday, February 27, 2012

Walgreens- Huggies Baby Wipes= .36 cents

Today I decided to head out to Walgreens to see if the Register Reward was working on the Huggies baby wipes, and sure enough it did.  They are on sale for $2.49 and when you buy 1 you get $2 back. Here is what I did.

Transaction #1
Buy 1 Huggies baby wipes $2.49
Use (1) $0.50 off Huggies Wipes Manufacture coupon from the paper
=$1.99 + tax = $2.18
get $2 register rewards back
like paying $0.18 for 1.

Transaction #2
did the same as above

Note: When shopping @ Walgreens if I were to have purchased 2 Baby Wipes in the same transaction it would have only given me 1 $2 register reward & if I would have used the $2 register reward from Transaction #1 on Transaction #2 I would have not gotten a register reward. So to make sure you always get all your register rewards buy them on separate transactions if it is the same product and don't roll the rewards if you are purchasing the same item in the next transaction. Hopes this makes sense for newbies. :)
So for Transaction #3 I needed to buy ZINC because I am fighting a cold that I really cant get right now! So this is what I did.

Bought 1 ZINC $5.79
Bought 1 Tuf Paper Towl Roll $0.69

used (2) $2 Register Rewards from above Transactions
total= $2.98

Also, another note with Walgreens they treat the Register Rewards like a manufactured coupon so 1 coupon per item and since I wanted to use both of my $2 Register Rewards I had to get a "filler" item which was the Tuf Paper Towel Roll.

So for everything above I spent $7.34 and saved $8.50
Not my best but I just wanted to give you all an idea on how to roll over the rewards and do separate transactions.  Hope this helps!

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