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Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Good Von's Deals

I love this new program that Von's has.  You sign up for free for the just for U program in the store and when you get home you can log onto your account and it has a coupon center, personalized deals to fit  you and your club specials.  Here you can view different coupons and deals and clip them so they load onto your Vons card so when you go to the store and buy the item it will ring up at that price...pretty neat. I know Ralphs has a similiar program as well but I prefer the features that the just for U program has.  Once you sign up you can go home and sign in and clip a coupon for a FREE dozen eggs!  Here are some other deals I saw under my personalized deals that others may have as well once you sign up.

My Personalized Deals:
Lucerne Milk $2.99
Onions $.039/lb
Nabisco Oreo Cookies $2.76
Lucerne Shredded Cheese $1.75

This is just to give you an idea, and if you had manufactured coupon for these items you could stack that with those to get the cheapest deal.

Here are some deals that are available until 2/27 with just a Vons card

-Bananas $.69/lb
-Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands w/in ad coupon (limit 4) (you would have to cut this out from there ad right when you walk into the store) - $0.99 and there are a lot of manufactured coupons out there making them as low as $0.39 doubled  (got this deal today!)
-Ken's Dressing (Fri-Mon Only) - $1.50  there is a $1/1 manufactured coupon from the paper as well making it as low as $0.50 however I think $1.50 is a good stock up price if you use Ranch dressing a lot.
-Icee Frozen Cups- (this is good until the end of March I believe) $0.49 each when you buy 3. (I bought these as well and they were super yummy) :)

Good luck shopping this weekend, I am sure there are other good deals out there...these were just some that stood out to me and I know they are available at the Eastvale Vons.

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  1. I was so excited when Vons started the online coupon thing. I love it!